I'm on a mission to help great people thrive in business.

I'm a former leader at Apple and Amazon, founder and CTO of a venture backed startup, author, speaker, inventor, strategic advisor and executive coach.

I have extensive experience in technical disciplines and leadership roles including app development on Mac, iOS, NeXTSTEP and Windows, full stack web development with a variety of back-end and front-end technologies, enterprise data warehouse design and implementatation for Fortune 50 clients, open source development, re-engineering major web properties at Apple and Amazon, building and leading product development teams, and much more.

Welcome to my World — I've gathered here insights, inspiration, tools, techniques and stories from my many adventures. My hope is that you will find just the idea, principle, practice or other "aha!" moment to accelerate progress for you, your team or your company.

Let me know how you are getting on, and be sure to reach out to see how I can help you directly through my workshops, keynotes, advisory and coaching services — all grounded in real-world, practical experience.