About Gregor

Gregor Purdy

Executive Advisor, Founder, CTO, Strategic Product and Technology Executive, Mentor, Inventor, Author, and Speaker.

Gregor is a consultant and executive advisor helping executives and investors improve innovation and execution, and strengthening leadership teams. Gregor built teams and delivered real-world products at Amazon, Apple, technology startups and a major eCommerce provider.

Gregor helps non-technical executives solve technical problems by engaging technical leaders and teams. He also guides technical executives as they scale and adapt through traction, growth, funding rounds and digital transformations.

In addition, Gregor helps Private Equity companies with due diligence on prospective investments and on strengthening portfolio company leadership teams.

At Radial, Gregor launched the company’s first new product line in a decade, and led strategy for new enterprise data and data science initiatives.

Gregor co-founded Pro.com in 2013, and was directly involved in funding activities including VC pitches both in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Using pro.com, homeowners can quickly and easily find a Pro and book a job for any home project from simple handyman work up to large remodels.

Gregor built and led two engineering teams at Apple, re-engineering Content Management and Product Management for Apple’s Online Store. He led the implementation of the first version of the Apple Store iOS app, at launch the fastest app to reach a million downloads. Gregor has presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, once on building hybrid native-web apps, and twice on building apps with server-driven user experience.

In the early 2000’s, Gregor ran Amazon.com engineering for large accounts including Target.com, the first billion dollar partner on Amazon’s platform. He built and led the team of 50 people that executed a massive re-engineering effort to migrate Target.com to the new Amazon platform. Gregor also drove technical due-diligence, performing both technology and business evaluations for potential acquisitions and feasibility assessments for potential enterprise customer implementations.

Earlier in his career, Gregor led Data Warehousing consulting engagements for Fortune 50 clients including Kroger, Nationwide Insurance, Walgreens, and Home Depot. He also performed high profile software and Internet patent prior art research.

Gregor has written multiple books for O’Reilly Media, one on CVS source code control and one on Linux IP Tables. Gregor earned a B.S.E in Computer Engineering from The University of Michigan.

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John Rossman

“I have had the privilege to work, mentor and be friends with Gregor for over 15 years. First, at Amazon where he built a great technology team for the Amazon Enterprise Services business and where Gregor was an extremely well respected technology leader, in an organization where there is a high-bar for technology leader. Over the past few years, I have helped mentor Gregor and have a great perspective on his relentless thirst for growth. I would enthusiastically recommend Gregor as an advisor to anyone needing technology leadership, and I would enthusiastically work with Gregor again.”

— John Rossman
Managing Partner, Rossman Partners
Former Amazon executive
Author of The Amazon Way book series
Jan 20, 2018

Dr. Jeffrey Roh

“Gregor served as my mentor during my Masters of Science in Technology Management program at Columbia University in NYC. He provided invaluable insight and guidance that helped me refine my Master’s thesis and defense. Gregor is an excellent executive advisor and can absolutely help add genuine value throughout the entire business spectrum of startup entrepreneurs to seasoned Fortune 500 executives. In fact, he was so invaluable that I’ve asked him to serve as on the Board of Advisors for one of our portfolio companies.”

— Jeffrey Roh, MD, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder of Intuitive IP
Dec 23, 2017

Jason Womack

“Gregor is your guide to discovering and strengthening your next breakthrough idea. He’s the creative and objective advisor you need who will bring a fresh perspective and powerful -and intuitive – thinking to your organization. For more than two years, Gregor has coached me to think deeper, longer and better about the problems we solve and the clients we serve. Invite him to your inner circle and let him facilitate the creative, entrepreneurial thinking you need to do so that you gain the edge you need.”

— Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA
Coauthor and co-founder, GetMomentum.com
Dec 18, 2017

Ethan Lieber

“With Gregor’s advice and mentorship, we improved our operating margin by close to 35% within a month. He helped focus our technology efforts on the exception paths that were hurting our operating margin most. This dissection of our business led to us rebuilding our projections, rapidly improving our P&L, and ultimately put Latchel in a position to breakeven much faster than expected. Working with Gregor has been like an injection of rocket fuel in Latchel’s engine. He has played a key role in our success.”

— Ethan Lieber
Cofounder & CEO of Latchel
Dec 15, 2017

Ankit Asthana

“I was introduced to Gregor through an academic program at Columbia. I had my doubts over continuing with the program as the academic piece alone was not bringing much value in my opinion. This all changed when I met Gregor and I was able to benefit from his point of view in many different areas. Gregor has helped me improve my communication skills, provided me a lot of input in terms of how to be more emotionally intelligent, guided me through some potential pitfalls I might run myself into and much more. While my program at Columbia is going to end soon, I will remember and try to recall many of Gregor’s teachings as they come from a deep well of knowledge and experience. Gregor champions many domains including technical skill, management skill, his vast experience in outstanding organizations and as many leaders a great intuition for what’s the next big thing. I will surely miss my meetings with Gregor but will always be thankful for his time and patience in helping me improve my skill.”

— Ankit Asthana
Product Manager, Microsoft
Dec 12, 2017