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Superpower Pack Exceeds Expectations for Latchel Employees

Superpower Pack Exceeds Expectations for Latchel Employees

How do you make sure employee reviews are truly helpful to your employees and create lasting benefits to the business?

Ethan and Will are the founders of Latchel, a growing company that helps property owners and managers handle routine and emergency tenant maintenance requests efficiently and effectively. They have grown to almost 30 people in the company, with more to come over the next 12 months, and they have decided it’s time to formalize how they will do periodic performance reviews. It’s important for them to be very specific in their feedback to their employees and to provide clear growth paths.

Ethan purchased Superpower Pack™ and arranged for an in-person orientation from me on how to use it. He made sure his co-founder, Will, was able to attend. During this meeting, they learned about how Superpower Pack™ is put together to create a toolkit for finding and building strengths.

For the real-world example portion of the meeting, they chose to evaluate one of their leaders using Superpower Pack’s built-in exercises (described on the three “joker” cards). Will and Ethan did each step of the process individually with their own deck and compared notes after. First, they completed the Needs exercise to establish a baseline of which Superpowers were most important at that moment for the person in that leadership role. Then, they compared their answers. There were both similarities and differences, and they took a few minutes to negotiate a single shared set of the top Required and Desired Superpowers for the role. Then, they did the Assessment exercise to see how the person’s performance was aligned with the needs. Again, there were both similarities and differences in their individual results, and they created alignment by discussing and reworking until they had a single version.

Ethan and Will had chosen this specific role and person for the hands-on example because later that day they had a meeting scheduled with that person, and they were curious how Superpower Pack™ could help them navigate that meeting. They realized when they finished the demonstration that the process had helped them quickly develop a shared sense of what they needed to discuss in their upcoming meeting, and provided them a language and a structure to drive the conversation. They realized they could use Superpower Pack to structure their regular review process, so they arranged to have every employee receive their own deck and built their review process around Superpower Pack.

For every role in the company, they did the Needs exercise to identify three Required and three Desired Superpowers. They established leveling standards within each role based on the Assessment exercise, using the number of Powers in the different categories (Strength, Potential, Challenge, Danger). They defined their evaluation summaries (“Outstanding”, “Exceeds Expectations”, “Needs Improvement” and “Meets Expectations”) in terms of how the employee assessment aligned with the standards for their current job level and the next level up.

Will and Ethan found using this system made the development conversations much easier and more understandable for their employees. They also found employees appreciated they could use their provided Superpower Pack™ for their own personal and professional development. One employee said it’s “a great way to get tangible feedback and track personal and professional growth metrics.”

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