Stronger Companies Framework™

Stronger Companies Framework™ helps successful leaders at companies from growth stage startups to established brands leverage and create advantages, and defend against increasing competitive pressures from all sides—including major players like Amazon and a marketplace teeming with other fast-moving threats.

Understanding how disruptive companies think, organize and operate helps you surface and resolve potential “blind spots”, but even that is not enough to address the biggest disruptive threats. Competing effectively and thriving at a faster pace often mean internalizing these lessons, adapting and adopting new principles and practices and building new capabilities and strengths.

Features and Benefits:

  • Guided application of Stronger Companies Framework™ identifies specific practices, capabilities and strengths that will increase innovation and improve execution. Our approach combines assessments, education, coaching and targeted consulting to help leadership teams “level up” their organizations to meet and beat increasing competitive pressures.

  • Stronger Companies Framework™ leverages learnings from real-world experience at Amazon, Apple and other innovative companies. Amazon — whether you are a fan or not — are in many ways the force in commerce, technology and even logistics today. Entire industries are being created, challenged and disrupted by the Seattle behemoth.

  • Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles provide a strong and sensible starting point, and the core ideas align well with those from other successful companies, especially around customer obsession, delivering results and thinking big. A list of 14 Principles, however, is at once both not enough and too much. It is not enough because the power of transformation comes from what people do, not just a list of aspirational ideas. And, it is also too much because no organization can pursue 14 big ideas at the same time. Stronger Companies Framework™ resolves this challenge through navigational tools and techniques to pinpoint the most fruitful paths for improvement.

  • Integrates with Superpower Pack™.

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