Superpower Pack™

Superpower Pack™ contains mental and social attitudes, abilities and assets to help you find and develop superpowers for positive leadership in yourself or your team. The deck contains 52 powers across 13 superpowers from categories including: executive abilities, character, individual capabilities and teams.

Use Superpower Pack™ to develop and communicate a set of values or needs for an organization or a role. Use it to explore strengths and weaknesses of a team or individual — and identify “superpowers” they should leverage for best results. Apply the deck to structure assessments, assignments, evaluations and coaching. Get the most out of yourself and your team with Superpower Pack™.

SPP Deck

Features and Benefits

  • Includes instructions for specific application to individual and team use.

  • Reinforce strengths, ensure alignment with needs of role, focus on the most important improvements.

  • Execute better, strengthen your team, expand capabilities and promote character with Superpower Pack™.

  • Find and develop positive leadership superpowers you can use to increase effectiveness, accelerate progress and reduce risk.

  • Integrates with Stronger Companies Framework™ and Diagonal Strategies™.

  • And, it is a complete deck of playing cards with a unique design.

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Thank you for your interest in Superpower Pack™. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience getting better results faster for you, your team, or your company!

  • Superpower Pack™ is available in quantities of 50–99 for $50 each.

  • Want fewer than 50? No problem. Smaller quantities are available for purchase at a higher per-unit price.

  • Want more than 50? You are in luck. Volume discounts increase significantly over 100 units.

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