Key Technology Leadership Hire Guidance


The stakes are high when you need to make a key technology leadership hire. A process that takes too long can lead to missed opportunities. A mis-step in choosing the candidate to hire can create cultural and other collateral damage. Even the best candidates have flaws, and you need your new executive to get up to speed quickly. Retaining a great executive search firm is a big investment — one you’ll want to be sure you get the most out of.

My Key Technology Leadership Hire Guidance service works with you and your executive search firm to:

  • Find and market to the best candidates by optimizing the role specification
  • Save time, effort and cost by screening out poor-matching candidates early and tuning up search criteria
  • Identify the best candidates through independent assessments before a full interview loop
  • Accelerate and amplify effectiveness of your new executive through an onboarding coaching package

How it works

  1. Preparation — a one-day, in-person immersion with your leadership team to shadow the CEO and peers, identify biggest risks and opportunities for the company, department and role and understand how these relate to company strategy.
  2. Role Guidance — feedback and input on role specification designed to select for and be interesting to the right candidates.
  3. Candidate Pre-Assessments — phone interviews and written assessments for candidates to pre-screen them and ensure only the best candidates come for full in-person interviews.
  4. Onboarding Coaching Package — Executive Coaching sessions designed to help navigate and prioritize during the flood of new information, relationships, risks and needs in the crucial first 90 days.
  5. Optional continuation of coaching at new executive’s option.

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